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Female Orgasm

For many women - and men – the female orgasm is shrouded in mystery. While some women are able to orgasm very easily, with up to 40% experiencing multiple orgasms, around 16% never achieve orgasm at all.
This video explains what happens during orgasm and looks at the 2 areas commonly associated with orgasm in women – the clitoris and the G-spot.

Your Experiences

  • lost my virginity to my bf of years was an amazing experience.. we tuk it slow n strated wid foreplay.. then 69 position.. wen were together we just cnt resist we speak freely about how we like it n how to achieve an orgasm, he such a sweet heart .

    Posted by mary on 07 April 2009

  • i'm 15 and i've tried masturbating but i cant get aroused when i finger myself, only from rubbing my clitoros. is this because i can't get far up enough or am i just different?

    Posted by [No first name supplied] on 07 April 2009

  • I have read many of the comments on here and after thinking i have never orgasmed i now think i may have. Holly described how you know you've oragsmed because for about 3 seconds you go all uptight and feel like your in heaven! This has happended once or twice to me before but i thought it was too short to be an orgasm, am i wrong??
    ALso, on occassions me and my partner haven't actually got to having sex but i go feel all funny like i cant speak or anything and i get an intense feeling inside and i often get very wet down there as if i have realesed liquid. But it doesn't feel "amazing" just good for a very short period of time, like i a few seconds. Is this an orgasm and does this mean i have come? Please help to clear this up for me!

    Posted by ka on 06 April 2009

  • Im 18 and have had 2 sexual long term partners..the first never ever gave me an orgasm and the current can only make me orgasm through stimulation of my clit. I feel bad on him so i often fake my orgasms..Iv also tried toys and never had an orgasm through stimulation of my G-spot..is this normal?! Is it possible not to have one

    Posted by [No first name supplied] on 06 April 2009

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