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Female Orgasm

For many women - and men – the female orgasm is shrouded in mystery. While some women are able to orgasm very easily, with up to 40% experiencing multiple orgasms, around 16% never achieve orgasm at all.
This video explains what happens during orgasm and looks at the 2 areas commonly associated with orgasm in women – the clitoris and the G-spot.

Your Experiences

  • hi iv been with my bf a year and havent had a orgasm. i can orgasm by squeezing my legs together and tensing my muscles. but no other way than that. is this normal? any ideas how i can get my partner to help me orgasm?

    Posted by josie on 06 July 2010

  • is there any way of increasing these chances of getting an orgasm through sex?

    Posted by Evangeline on 06 July 2010

  • i have masturbated lots of times and had sex once but yet never had a orgasm. i like the feeling of masturbation but what will the orgasm be like

    Posted by dani on 06 July 2010

  • i am 25 i have experienced orgasm the only problem is now that i cant cum it feels as though its trapped in a little balloon this is frustrating me as my partner thinks im not as satisfied when i am i couldnt ask for anythin different its great plz help

    Posted by bernie on 06 July 2010

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